Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The squat - squatting down - and up: - building leg strength.


I haven't been here for a while. But I'm back.

I'm a regular poster on LinkedIn and what I'm proposing to do is every time I make a comment on a thread on Linkedin I'll post it on the Health Blogarithm.

Today's post was stimulated by a Linkedin thread from a bloke called Mike, relating to SQUATS - as in squatting down and up. Most people find squatting a tough assignment, principally because they don't have a regular and systematic leg strength training program. They sit down all day and forget that the leg muscles need a regular workout.

The complain they've got sort knees (fer chrissakes) and never strengthen the muscles designed to support the knees in correct alignment.!

How much does it cost to do a few squats every day?


Mike, thanks for the post. I've viewed your photos. You need a heel raise, about an inch and a half high and then you'll stand up straight. Most people in Western countries need a heel raise because their calves are too tight - as opposed to people in Asia who've spend all their life hunkering.

People need to do squats regularly. Strengthening buttock, quads and their antagonists is the foundation of musculo-skeletal health. People with crook knees, hips and backs never realize how important it is to have strong leg muscles.

You need to go down past half way. You'll know where that point is by the feel. You backside needs to go down to around halfway between your knees and your heels.

The squat should be controlled - ie without bouncing down and up.

The human body is designed to do this with ease. It's only a lack of strength that stops most people from doing this important exercise.

I'd say 20 reps was good, 30 better and 40 best.

Once you're regularly doing 30 or 40 reps, knees should be a lot better.

Most people can hardly do one squat they're so weak.

The heel raise is the secret to staying up straight and getting down far enough without toppling over.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and do your squats at least three times a week.

John Miller

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