Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ozone therapy for herniated disc

I joined a discussion on Linkedin relating to ozone therapy as a useful treatment for a herniated disc.

My response

Muscles pull bones out of alignment. It's usually the case with a herniated disc that muscles attached to the pelvis pull the pelvis out of alignment. Then the bones above the pelvis move out of alignment 'in sympathy'.

This means the cause of the pain in your lower back is not at the site of the pain.

The medical industry just doesn't get it. They have this quest to complicate the simple and make the cheap expensive.

In a high proportion of cases, lower back pain is a fitness problem caused by weak and tight muscles that have allowed first the pelvis and then the bones above it to move out of alignment. You can't solve a fitness problem with a medical solution.

It seems to be the case that patients collude with their doctor - they don't want to be put out by spending time doing strength and flexibility exercises. They want someone else to do something to them, not realising that they need to do something to themselves.

Most medical practitioners don't know where to look for the cause of the pain. The X-ray is a useless tool. The X-ray tells you what's happened, not what's caused what's happened. It doesn't lead to a solution - unless you're a surgeon.

They don't know which exercises to prescribe to get the body back in better alignment..

If everyone with a crook back spent an hour a day doing yoga, doctors, physios and chiros would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs and playing golf on most afternoons.

Take the pressure off the disc by getting the bones of your body back into better alignment. For 80% o9f people there's an n80% chance that they can get their bodies back into 80% of good shape in around 80 days, if they're diligent.

The definition of being diligent is spending a couple of hours on the floor doing a few simple and relaxing exercises while you watch TV and having a good strength training program in the gym - or you can suck on a bottle of ozone!

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