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Avoid Aspartame - and Junk Drink

I'm a big fan of Joseph Mercola, the Chicago-based doctor of chiropractic who has one of the most popular health websites on the internet.

I've been getting his newsletters for donkey’s ages and respect his work.

He's a prolific correspondent, specializing in writing 'stuff' that you won't get from the NH&MRC, a surgery or chemist shop.

Over the weekend I received his newsletter with an article about ASPARTAME. He’s been sending out warnings about Aspartame for a number of years.

Here's the link:

The irony of the 'diet' sector of the junk drink industry is that despite the low calorie nature of their beverages it doesn’t seem to be leading to the progressive thinning of society. In fact I’m tempted to say that obesity trends and consumption of food and drink with Aspartame in them probably go lock step with each other.

You may like to do your own survey and determine which group of people purchase most of the diet colas: thin people or fat people.

My suspicion is that the diet drink phenomenon – as a way to lose fat from the body or slow down the increase of fat around the body - will probably go down in history as one of the great nutritional myths.

Just to remind you, here’s a few of those myths.

There are no calories in broken biscuits.

-     The calories don't count if you eat standing up; standing up is a form of exercise which means
       you're burning off the calories as quickly as they're going in

-     When you eat food with a salad, the salad cancels out the calories in the food.

-     Food being sold to raise money for charity cannot make you fat, because your virtue cancels
       out its calories.

-     Skinny fries, lattes and muffins will make you thin.

-     A diet coke cancels out the hamburger and fries.

-     Icing and cream on cake doesn’t contain any calories

-     Giving blood makes you calorie-immune for the rest of the day

-     Cutting food up and spearing it on sticks makes it healthy

-     Butter doesn't make you fat if spread on brown bread.

-     Food taken off children’s plates doesn’t make you fat.

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