Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten reasons to eat more chocolate

I've just finished reading an article outlining ten reasons to eat chocolate.

Well here's ten reasons why not to eat it.

1.  It's one of the highest density foods you can eat; it makes you fat. 100gms of chocolate contains about the same calorific value as a kilogram of carrots. Which do reckon is better for you?

2.  Compared with a range of fruit and vegetables it's nutritional value is practically zilch.

3. Words of advice from two of history's greatest nutritional advocates. Maria Antoinette said, 'Let them eat cake.' John Cadbury said, 'Let then eat chocolate.' .  Their mantle has fallen on the shoulders of Nestles, pre-eminent advocate for junk food world wide.

4.  The producers of junk food pervert the course of good nutrition, leading to all manner of metabolic dysfunctions.

5.  Anything made up of 60% sugar is definitely not good for you

6.  Any food containing 30% fat isn't good for you either.

7.  Any food comprised principally of fat and sugar is a junk food that ought to be sold in a plain wrapper with a warning notice.

8.  Who in their right mind would think of taking the nutritional advice of fat and sugar producers and manufacturers - and their barking dogs from Madison Avenue?

9.  The only chocolate that might be good for people is so bitter than no-one will eat it.

10.  Chocolate has become the addiction of choice for people with both a sweet tooth and a fat tooth - with disastrous effect on their metabolic system.

It has very little to commend it - let alone be paraded as a panacea for adult onset diabetes.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and eat from the top of the hourglass.

Here's the link to how to east wisely in a junk food world.

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