Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SECONDARY HEALTH CARE - Tuesday 4th of May 2010

Secondary health care is the health care you can get for free by talking to other people, reading, searching the internet ...

It doesn't cost much.

Don't know what to do to get yourself back into good nick? Ask someone who's in good nick or look it up on the internet. Just keep in mind you're probably best to avoid the sites that suggest you take a tablet, creme or suppository to mask the symptoms, rather than actually doing something to fix the cause of the dysfunction.

And steer clear of the Cochrane Collaboration. It's a completely vapid and useless site if you're looking for straight forward information. If you've got a crook back go there and see if you can get a good set of exercises to fix yourself up. Not there! A waste of time, just an academic wank.

Go to your doctor’s own website and see what information is there to help you over a rough spot. (I bet your doctor doesn't have such a website, that's why the surgery is always full.)

A lot of the advice on the internet is basic health stuff put there by people who collectively have had thousands of dealings with the same problem as you have now. If you go to you can ask questions and you'll get responses from all manner of people who've dealt with the same problem(s) you have.

Another good site I use is

In this day and age we tend to downgrade the learning that comes from observation as opposed to scientific research. Keeping your eyes and ears open doesn't seem to be a highly valued scientific skill these days.

Keep in mind that most of the people making observations based on experience and dealing with real people are too busy to go to the trouble of writing an article for a journal.

The other thing you have to keep in mind is most of the the scientific researchers are working out of the pockets of drug companies. If their research isn't tainted it will be diverted away from working out what needs to be done to stimulate the body's own recuperative powers.

In this day and age the people who are fair dinkum about helping you either write a book or set up a website. They don't swan around the world scratching each others' backs and grovelling in front of drug company stands at international conferences.

No-one ever said that a treatment has to have been written up in refereed journal for it to be work. In fact most of it never is. Some of the ancient remedies and remedies your grandmother and her doctor used will do as much good for you as the latest pill. Pity that people are either too young to know about them or have short memories.

The advice you’re likely to get from any source will vary in quality, but if you’re an internet surfer you’ll have already developed skills of discernment. Keep in mind that high tech advice and advice from the blue chip medical fraternities is often no better than low tech advice, so don’t over look the advice that a good fitness leader, naturopath, yoga teacher and life coach can give you to sort out your problems.

When searching on the internet you'll soon get a feel for sites that look genuine. It's likely that you'll soon start steering clear of squeeze pages with lots of bumpf and hype, though you never can tell.

On the track
On the stepper, 30 minutes, nice and easy.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and ask around for advice on what you can do to fix your health problems.

John Miller

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