Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Found a brochure I picked up from McDonalds a while ago announcing that the National Heart Foundation had sold its tick (and its soul) to McDonalds.

Like an earlier blog I wrote about academics getting into bed with drug companies, this too fits into the lying-down-with-dogs category.

One half of me says that if you eat mince meat, lettuce and tomato at home it's OK; the other half says that if you buy it from a junk foodery it's not.

The Heart Foundation has taken a very soft line with McDonalds.

It cannot be forgiven for turning a blind eye to the massive damage that fast food industries do to the arteries that the Foundation goes to such length to protect. A couple of innocuous products doesn't stand as penance for the rest of the stuff this conglomerate and its independent distributors sells.

But why would anyone be recommending bread rolls stuffed with meat or chicken and a bit of salad? This country is awash with people who eat too much bread. It fattens them up. White bread at that. The Heart Foundation must be attracted to the dough.

Chicken nuggets, they've given them the tick too. Goodness knows what's in them, compressed bits of mashed chicken smeared with fat and bread crumbs. I don't think that's the sort of diet the Heart Foundation should be recommending. I betcha they don't serve them at board meetings.

The wraps look OK, but the problem is that as soon as anyone goes into a McDonaldry as likely as not, as well as something nutritious they'll also come out with a bucket of fat in the form of chips and a fatshake.

You'd think that giving the tick to a company that probably does more than just about any other company on earth to fatten up people up would leave a nasty taste in the mouth of all those surgeons.

Anyway, what can you expect of a medical charity that also gives its tick of approval to

- bread

- bircuits

- breakfast biscuits

- fruit bars

- pasta

- chips

- cheese

- ice cream

- oils

- pies and pasties?

And in case you missed it on their website, here it is again.

On the track
No track today. It's getting colder and I appear to be getting lazier.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and eat your mince meat and salad at home.

John Miller

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