Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1% Weight Loss Challenge - End of Week 1

I read somewhere this week that Sydney University is calling for customers to enrol in a fat loss research program to try and work out the most effective way to lose weight. You'd reckon by now that nutritionists the world over would know that the most effective way to lose weight is to exercise like buggery and lay off the garbohydrates.

Whilst attending Biggest Loser classes would seem to be the best shot most people will ever have to get back closer to their ideal weight, I doubt that the  Sydney University nutrition department has this form of weight loss regime in mind.

A very, very high percentage of people don't have a clue how much exercise they need to do to get themselves back into good metabolic health of which being overweight is the most visible sign.

In my (vast) experience I've never met anyone who exercised with aerobic vigor for 40 minutes a day who was in poor metabolic health and 30KG over weight. You can put down the glasses, close down the research institutes, the results are in, all cut and dried, done and dusted.

'Exercise like buggery' is not strictly a technical term, but it means getting 1000 aerabytes of vigorous aerobic activity every week.

'Lay off the garbohdrates' means restricting your intake of flour and sugar; on their own, mixed together or combined with fat - the typical junk food diet.

Anyway, to cut a long story short this week I got to 1210 aerabytes, most of it on the stepper with heart rate of 130 plus. And the results are:

But it's early days yet. Talk is easy.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned, exercise like buggery and lay off the garbohydrates.

John Miller

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