Monday, August 19, 2013

Ozone Therapy for Herniated Disc

It's doubtful that any treatment for low back pain comes close to the effectiveness of a set of strength and flexibility exercises, specifically designed to get the pelvis and the bones above it back into better alignment.

This is the gold standard treatment, simple and cost effective.

Research studies on the effectiveness of other treatments that don't compare the effectiveness of those treatments against the effectiveness of a regular, systematic and sustained set of exercises is poor research that leads to poor clinical practice.

Keep in mind too that the exercises most physicians prescribe to their customers, fail to target the cause of the misalignment and lack the frequency, intensity and duration needed to bring about this re-alignment of the skeleton!

For a high proportion of people, low back pain comes not only with a pelvis and spinal column that are out of alignment but a body that is in poor general physical condition.

If your customer can't do a sit up, can't hardly do any press-ups, situps, or squats, can't touch their toes or sit up straight with their legs crossed, is more than 20Kg over weight and doesn't have a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program, it's highly unlikely that their herniated disc is due to a lack of oxygen therapy.

When it comes to the medical treatment of lower back pain, the medical industry has complicated the simple and made the cheap expensive.

When the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council  (NHMRC) (and other medical institutes around the world) can get away with describing 95% of lower back pain as being idiopathic, you'll know that a high proportion of physicians are poorly trained to know where to look for the underlying cause of the pain, let alone prescribe the simple strength an flexibility exercises designed to restore poor function to good.

These physicians are prime targets for surgeons and drug companies.

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