Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Accupuncture and Back Pain

I'd bet on anything the Chinese have been doing to 2000 years, BUT, that wouldn't stop me from doing the strength and flexibility exercises that need to be done to get the pelvis and the bones above it back in alignment.

Most people go for a particular therapy and then forget that the most effective therapy is the one that they can do themselves - for free - at home - a targeted strength and flexibility training program.

There is no way you can keep yourself in good musculo-skeletal health without such a program.

The corollary is that if you have low back pain, start doing the exercises needed to get the pelvis and the bones above itback into better alignment, for a sufficient period of time each day for them to take effect. No rubbing, no crunching, no heating, no vibrating, no doping, no surgery.

Norman Marcus, Director, Norman Marcus Pain Institute, Associate Professor, NYU/Langone School of Medicine writes, 'non specific or idiopathic low back pain which refers to sprains and strains of soft tissue accounts for 70 to 80% of patients presenting with pain in the low back ('

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council puts the idiopathic figure at 95%.

Believing that 70% - 95% of low back pain doesn't have a cause pretty much rules out the medical industry as being the experts in this field.

If you don't know the cause how can you possible direct a treatment at fixing it?

Motor mechanics would go out of business if they adopted these principles.

You could pretty much count on the causes of those 70%-95% being generated by a lack of strength and flexibility - causing bones to move out of alignment.

In the first instance treat low back pain as a personally-generated fitness problem - and understand that the chances of solving a personally-generated fitness problem with a medical/pharmaceutical/surgical solution is very remote.

Just about everything the medical industry writes about low back pain and just about every things it recommends to relieve the pain provides evidence that it is out of its depth.

Complicating the simple and making the cheap expensive definitely doesn't mean you're going to solve the problem.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned, loosen the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles.

John Miller

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