Monday, March 14, 2016

USA 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines

I've just been looking at the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Summary.

Here's what they say:

'Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking. Additional benefits occur with more physical activity.'

It's information that's as about as useful as a hip pocket on a singlet.

What's 'moderate'?  Most people believe that moderate exercises is ambling around the block - dawdling, loafing.

The report says the guidelines are 'science-based', but any exercise prescription that lacks frequency, duration and a dosage that includes heart rate suggestions ain't based on good science.

In the medical industry you don't leave it to the patient to decide what the dosage is going to be. Apparently when it comes to the sandshoe industry it doesn't matter.

Well it does matter. most people don't know what physical exertion is. it's why they don't reap the benefits of a good aerobic fitness training program.

You can get the Aerabyte aerobic exercise prescription on this link:

And what about this:

'Both aerobic (endurance) and muscle-strengthening (resistance) physical activity are beneficial.'

The dills who drew up this policy forgot to include flexibility - lack of which is the major cause of joint and muscle pain.

Plus, with respect to a strength training program they didn't prescribe a dosage - times a week, sets, repetitions, weights ... Or number of pressups, situps and squats. No wonder the metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological health of the Western World is getting worse.

Here are some standards to aim at - and exceed.

Here's the link to the full story:

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned with a decent aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility training program.

Regards and best wishes

John Miller

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