Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heart Foundation Caught in Bed with Kelloggs

In February while I was out driving I came across this sign at Richmond in Qld - half way between Townsville and Mt Isa.

It's a little hard to see it, but if you look carefully at the bottom right hand corner of the sign you'll notice Australia's puissant medical charity has partnered up with one of the world's premier junk food manufacturers in awarding recognition for Local Government recreation initiatives.

The lake is a man-made lake named after former Richmond mayor, Fred Tritton and has become a focus for recreational activities in the town. The day I drove through Richmond it was over 40 degrees and dry as the proverbial dead dingo!

The Heart Foundation has a long standing tradition of marrying up to the junk food industry. A few years ago it was the McDonald exceptionally fast food company, but the marriage left a nasty taste in too many mouths for it to last. Plus hands up all those people who go to McDonalds to buy plastic bags of cut up apple?

They've joined the dieticians association and jumped into (an increasingly crowded) bed with the food manufacturing industry.

But what can you expect from a medical charity that will scrape money off the top of sales of manufactured food to fund research into medical and pharmaceutical solutions for the body system dysfunctions caused by the ravages of manufactured food?

When you cast your eye over the Heart Foundation's healthy food Tick program you couldn't have expected a better selection of junk food than if Billy Bunter himself had been on the selection panel. If it's manufactured food, if it's delivered in packets, tins, cardboard boxes and plastic bags - and if it comes with a back-hander, there's a good chance the Heart Foundation will run an enthusiastic ruler over it.

They've given the tick to:

   Milo - 46% sugar
   Breakfast biscuits
   Pasta, including creamy, bacon carbonara
   Ice cream

In their own words, 'The Tick Program is the Heart Foundation’s guide to helping people make better food choices quickly and easily. Tick foods meet the Heart Foundation’s strict nutrition standards for nutrients such as saturated and trans fats, sodium, kilojoules (calories) and fibre.'


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In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and take Bob Carr's advice; 'less flour, more power'.

John Miller

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