Sunday, February 2, 2014

1% Weight Loss Challenge - end of week 4 - The Parable of the Runner

Ah! that's a better. But nothing to really write home about - only around a kilo a week over the last 4 weeks.

Last week I was getting worried but the saviour has turned out to be the NutriBullet blender which we got just after Christmas. Previously we'd had a juicer and which used to leave most of the fibre behind.

The NutriBullett mashes everything up in to a delectable (almost smoothie-type) drink. I've been using a mix of fruit and vegetables for two shakes a day, one around lunch time and one around 3pm. The latter shake is warding off the before-tea munchies. Before tea is danger time.

I've also started on cider vinegar three times a day. I think it's helping to clear up my skin, particularly the bit of psoriasis I've inherited from my mother.


A man went out for a run.

He’d only run a hundred yards when he felt a twinge in his right calf muscle. He slowed down to a walk and then returned home. He put ice on it, rested it for a few days, started walking again and soon found that he could shuffle slowly without discomfort. He gradually turned the shuffle into a jog. Then the jog became a run. He kept on running.

Then the weather took a turn for the worse, it became cold and wet. He wanted to stay in bed where it was warm, but he got up every morning at 6.30, rugged himself up - and kept on running.

His work took him to a far off place where it was hot so he couldn’t train outside. He kept on running, inside on the treadmill in the gym.

There were times when he was tired, when he’d gone to bed late. He got up anyway, put on his shorts, tee shirt and running shoes, got outside the front door - and kept on running, one leg at a time.

Other times while he was running he felt that he couldn’t go any further. He was stuffed. So he slowed down, went back to shuffling and jogging, paced himself - but kept on running.

He had hard days and easy days, but regardless of how he felt at the start of a run - he kept on running.

When he became stale he started cross training. As well as running he went swimming and cycling and worked out on the stepper. He lifted weights and after tea did his stretches on the floor while watching TV.

His health improved, he got back closer to his ideal weight, he slept better, his blood pressure and cholesterol came down. He became as lean as a greyhound, fit as a trout and toey as a Roman sandal.

His running times improved 30%. He could run for 60 minutes. He felt 100% better.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you've got feet let them run.

John Miller

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