Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make Your Trip Healthy as You Travel

Guest post from Cole Millen

Those that love to travel always understand that they need to eat healthy before they leave for their vacation.  They want to make sure they look good when they are out and about, and they will be able to stay healthy if they follow some of these simple and often overlooked tips. 

On The Road

When people vacation, they can end up stopping at fast food places in order to get something to eat.  This can give them a lot of calories, and they will gain weight.  They should buy healthy snacks, like salads, sandwiches and pastas at a grocery store and bring them in their cooler.  They can stop at a rest area and eat their meal.  This will help them to stay healthy during the trip that they have been looking forward to for a long time.  Getting nutritious drinks from the store will also help to keep them trim versus getting soft drinks along the way.  Soft drinks are filled with sugar, and they can have a disastrous affect on a person’s weight.  It is best to avoid them and get nutritious drinks for the trip and during meals. 

At the Hotel

Prior to booking your hotel, understanding the offerings and amenities can be pivotal in a healthy vacation. For this reason it is extremely important to plan ahead and pick out the right hotel / area. I have found online reviews from other travelers with similar interests to be extremely helpful. In a recent trip of mine,  I found a great site that listed reviews Las Vegas hotels regarding their amenities and services which allowed me to know exactly what I needed to stay healthy while away. Staying at hotel offers people the ability to utilize the amenities.  Many hotels have swimming pools, fitness clubs and saunas to help those that are health conscious continue to be when they are traveling.  They should take advantage of these whenever they can.  When they stay in hotels they might also want to skip the mini bar.  The mini bars are usually stocked with caloric beverages, which will also make them add on pounds when they are traveling.  They can take advantage of the coffees and teas that are available.

Out to Eat

When people are on vacation, they should make sure that they watch what they eat at restaurants.  Most of them have a healthy options part of the menu, and they should stick to those foods.  They should avoid fried and buttered meals.  Another way that they can watch their weight while traveling is to share meals because this is an excellent way to make sure they get the nutrients they need without the calories they dread. 

With all these helpful tips they will be able to survive the vacation without gaining weight.  After all, they worked so hard to look great for their trip, so they want to still remain healthy and trim when they return.  These tips will allow them to accomplish the fun that they desire while remaining healthy as they travel for their vacations.
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In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and eat from the top of the hourglass.
John Miller

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