Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lower back pain- January 2nd 2011

There's a plague of lower back pain. In fact it is a plague and from what I see on the internet and in chat rooms and forums few people can pinpoint the cause and few people have a good grasp of what they need to do to restore poor function to good.

The medical industry is making a killing. In the USA it costs upwards of $90,000 for a back operation. That's gouging.

The pity is that the radiologists and medical practitioners are poorly equipped to diagnose the cause of the problem which, in a nutshell is a body that's out of alignment. And as Newton might have said, a body that's out of alignment will stay out of alignment unless acted upon by a force.

That force is a regime of simple strengthening and loosening exercises. It's pretty simple really and takes a few hours a night on the floor.

A few hours you say? Well maybe not that long but certainly long enough to complete a set of exercises that will loosen of calf, hamstring and buttock muscles and get your pelvis back into better alignment.

Think of it like this. As likely as not , over the years you haven't had a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program. Because of that, your pelvis and vertebrae have gradually moved out of alignment. The big question is, 'Would you be prepared to play catch up for a couple of months?'

You'd be a mug if you didn't answer in the affirmative.

Travelled home from Newcastle today after spending an evening with brother Geoff and his wife Christine. Geoff's a metallurgist (rtd) but with a keen interest in health, particularly metabolic health and in the months ahead I'll let you in on some of his insights. Not many people are treating Old Timers disease as a symptom of metabolic dysfunction. Being a metabolic dysfunction there's a reasonable chance that it's either diet or exercise related.

On the track
No track today, travelling.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you're suffering from low back pain go to If you live in Canberra give me a call on (02) 6288 7703.


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