Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR January 1st 2011

I'm back.

Last blog, 20th June.

Twelve months ago I promised myself I'd blog every day for a year. Didn't quite make it. Got to six months the ran out of puff. Started helping Christine renovate her son's home, plus travelled with work and the rest as they say is history. However the physicality of the hard yakka at the house did wonders for my upper body. I enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in vigorous physical work for 3 months.

I promised myself I'd lose 10Kg. Lost 3.

Didn't exercise as much due to the physical work on the house at Hacket, but kept up the three mornings a week with the boys.

Was plagued with sore Achilles and calves, but hopefully have managed to get on top of it.

Spent a lot of time toward the end of the year working on the www.globalbackcare website with webmeister Gavin. We reckon we'll crack the internet code this year. I'm really pleased with the way we work together.

As I write Christine and I are in Ballina coming back from Christmas in Noosa with daughter Lisa her husband Ian and the two little fellas Jackson and Harry - where it bucketed down most of the time.

This years goals
Let's set the weight loss at 8 kg. I'd be happy with that.

Internet mastery with the Global Back Care and Fit and Healthy Online Sites working smoothly: high search rankings for key words thereby attracting huge search volume, building our list, selling our own products as well as those of affiliates.

On the track
No track today. Slept in and then drove to Newcastle.

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