Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Importance of Good Posture

Posture is not something you do, but what happens as a result of something you do. Depending on what you do, posture can become worse or better.

I'll give you an example. You're sitting, slouched in a chair at a seminar and the speaker says, 'Sit up straight.' You sit up straight. But a minute later you're back in the slouch position.

Poor posture is an indicator that muscles are not strong enough or flexible enough to keep your body in good alignment.

Stay in poor alignment for 20 years and you end up with a crook back, stiff neck, 'cold' shoulder, limp wrist, bung hip, game leg and dicky knee.

People with good posture naturally sit up straight, not because they think about sitting up straight but because their pelvis and the bones above it are being held in good alignment - by the way their body is locked into positon by the chair they're sitting in and the desk they're sitting at - and by their own muscles.

Poor posture is a symptom that the body is out of alignment and if it's out of alignment for too long, sooner or later you'll experience pain as ligaments, tendons and muscles around particular joints are stretched beyond their pain threshold..

The misalignment and the pain that eventually comes with it is, in turn a symptom, usually of tight muscles attached to the pelvis that have taken first the pelvis and then the bones above it out of alignment.

It follows that if any part of your musculature is not strong and flexible you run the risk of developing poor posture - from your feet up to the top of your head.

Poor posture is a critical guide to what's causing musculo-skeletal pain.

If you have pain, you might find the answer to why you have it here:

Get someone to take some photos of you and send them to me. I'll show you what poor posture can tell you about the cause of the pain.

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John Miller

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